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5 tips to manage your company car park efficiently

Parking Operator

5 tips to manage your company car park efficiently

car park management tips

Employers today are not subject to provide parking facilities to their employee but if they can provide it will always result in controversial. Staff will always benefit from on-site parking so managing car park can be an essential.

Make a Parking rules

Making a Healthy Car park policy that covers the company rules, ISO standard, emergency response that covers for staff, visitors, delivery service and authorities should be implemented.

Safe your parking from offenders

Keep the parking offenders and people who misuse your parking facilities for example if unauthorized people who wants to park at your place or disguise as visitors or employees.

Parking Safety

Optimize your car park facility with more efficient and safety for example place good number of car park signage of parking layout for Car, MPV, Bus and Trucks. Set up pedestrian walk line to avoid accident. .Increase the visibilty of your car park with proper outdoor lights and security convex mirror.

Convex Security Mirror

Access Control System

Set an access control system at the entrance and exit of your parking. Make sure the access card are anti clone RFID cards. Employees can be given this card and the system will give a data of who uses car, their parking duration and so on.

Enable anti pass back system to prevent uses from cheating for example if you have to 2 cars you can bring in both the cars with 1 access card and the system will only capture as 1 car without enabling anti-passback.

Visitors and Employee verification

This is a 2nd level security system that is known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), with system will tell who is entering in to your company car park. You can use this information to verify if they are your visitors or employee.

It is actually a Camera that captures your number plate and verify if you in fact a frequent user or a new user. You can blacklist users that are abusing the parking facility.

Transpark is the market leader in managing car park with ANPR on a private land. Find out more about us in car park management service in Malaysia.


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