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Parking Operator

Parking Operator

Parking Operator

Transpark Parking Technology

Property owner’s are outsourcing their car park bays to Parking Operator for many reason such as efficient service & less risk.

This property rather leaves their parking in the good hand of the operator. If they manages property on their own they may face several challenges for example finding parking attendants & no internal swindling.

Profit Making

The common interest of most property owner is how to increase revenue. Operator will try and squeeze their cost to show higher profits.

Efficient Management

Car park management must focus in efficiency to sustain in the business for example mixing the correct manpower and machine technology.

Good Parking Experience

Commercial building are competing to provide the best customer’s parking experience like providing enough signage’s, indicate empty parking lots, secure feeling with bright lights and surveillance cameras.

Insurance Coverage

Parking operator must insure their parking service from any accidents, damages through flood and fire.

Service Disclaimer

If the car management don’t want to take certain risk then they should state clearly their disclaimer at the entrance and on the parking tickets.

Well updated with parking technology

A car park operator must be well verse with latest parking technology for example parking machines, parking Apps to adapt when necessary.


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